25 Gallon Poly Plastic Gas Tank for Ford

APN#: 3817
Shipping: $30.60 (Flat shipping rate applies to 48 US States.)

25 gallon tank for 1980-1986 Ford Full size Bronco.
Includes lock ring and o-ring.

Dimensions: 21 x 31 x 12 (inches).

Plastic gas tanks are stronger tanks that will never rust
Nearly 1/4 inch thick polyethylene
Won't crack even at 130 degrees below zero
No welds or seams to fail or leak

5 year warranty

Also available separately for this tank:
Strap set (3851)


To prevent the remote possibility of gas tank warp or potential fire hazard due to heat transfer from exhaust systems, as a legal disclaimer the manufacturer recommends a distance of three (3) inches clearance between the tank and any exhaust system component.

Field feed back from our customers indicates that if additional insulation is properly utilized heat transfer can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated allowing custom installations with less than the manufacturer's recommended clearance.  There are many new high- tech insulating materials available as well as old fashioned asbestos based materials for heat insulation applications. Some fabricators also use double wall thermal insulated stove pipe flu as an additional heat shield. It is fire-proof, can be cut-to-fit & neatly wrapped around the pipes and it looks great too.  Custom made aluminum heat shields (similar to those used on late model exhaust manifolds) may also be used to reduce reflective heat.