Car Capsules

Car Capsule is an inflatable car cover that keeps your vehicle dust free, mold & mildew free, bug and critter free, guaranteed.

CarCapsule works like a protective cover that is far superior to a regular car cover. This car storage bubble also prevents corrosion and musty interior odors while protecting your vehicle from costly dents, dings and scratches from garden tools and other implements of destruction stored in your garage. It's just incredible!

Voted "One of the 10 Most Innovative Products" by Motor Trend.

Which Car Capsule Do I Need?

Car Capsules are sold by size only. We do not have an application guide “by vehicle” listing. Measure your vehicle and then add 1 ft. That will give you six inches of cushion area to the front & rear. Also check the height of your vehicle. We also offer TALL Car Capsules for older cars and pick-up trucks.


Manufacturer's Guarantee:
Your CarCapsule is Guaranteed for One Year against all Defects in Workmanship and Materials. Repair or replacement will be made upon receipt of the product to the closest Warranty Center, freight prepaid. Please contact us prior to returning anything! You will need a “RGA” number to facilitate & track the returned goods.

Outdoor use of any CarCapsule intended for Indoor use only voids All Warranties. Please order an outdoor capsule to use outside.


Car Capsule F.A.Q. and more information

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