Truck Bed Spray Liner Kit

Al's Liner Urethane/Acrylic Coating System, is designed to be the markets first and only professional grade urethane coating for Do-it-Yourselfers. Be it Truck Bed Lining, Undercoating, Interior Coating, Chassis Lining or just General applications around your Shop and Home, Al's Serves up some serious protection no matter where or why you use it. Al's Liner provides not only a high build and long lasting protective coating, but also offers the ability to tint and match an endless array of textures and colors. This gives you the options you need to protect and ad an aesthetically pleasing finish to your projects. This coating can be used to coat floorboards on restoration projects, frames, or just about any place you need a durable, weather resistant coating. UV protection keeps the product color true for the life of your vehicle.