Battery Sentinel Charger (24 volt - 8 amp - Dual Voltage)

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  Global Battery Sentinel 24-8 (22362)
  24 volt, 8 amp Global

 Global battery sentinel 24 volt 8 amp dual input voltage



24 Volt 8 amp Constant Current
Equivalent to 16 amp tapered charger

Advanced built in circuitry protects against:
Reverse Polarity
Short Circuit
A/C Surge

Fully Automatic Suitable for 24 volt wet-lead-acid, Sealed-lead, gel, and absorbed mat and Switch-Mode Technology Batteries

Compact – 7.6” L x 3.6” W x 2.59” H

Lightweight – 1.8 lbs. (800 grams)


The Most Advanced, Fully Automatic Charger Ever!
The Battery Charger & Maintainer Specifically Designed for Car, Light Truck, Recreational & Utility Vehicle Batteries. Solid State Technology Keeps Batteries Fully Charged & living Years Longer.



SUPERIOR Technology means you’ll never have to worry about OVERCHARGING again.
Just connect your battery charger and keep your battery fully charged!

Our Constant current switching technology charges batteries faster!

Battery Sentinel prolongs battery life!


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Specifications – Battery Sentinel (22362)

Totally Automatic Switch-Mode Battery Chargers
"Suitable for Gel, Sealed & Wet Lead Acid Batteries"


24 V, 8 Amp Constant Current
(Equivalent to 16A tapered charger in charging time)

Automatic Cut-off and then true Float. Can be left connected indefinitely without harming the battery
UL , CSA, European Standard EN60335 Part 2.29 and CE European EMC Directive) Listed
Input 115/230 VAC - Suitable for U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe
Increases battery life by de-sulfating the battery
Very small and lightweight

Explanation of Features:
The advance technology of the Battery Sentinel is fundamentally different from other battery chargers. The conventional linear battery charger is an electrical device whereas the 22362 is a light weight sophisticated electronic device.

1. Switch-Mode Technology:
Most of the battery chargers use linear technology, which convert the 115/230 VAC to 24 VDC at 60/50 Hz. This requires a large transformer, which has the disadvantage of lower efficiency resulting in higher heat generation, larger size and weight.

Battery Sentinel transforms the 115/230 VAC into 24 VDC at 100,000 Hz (3333 times faster than conventional charger), which requires a much smaller transformer and this results in a unit of smaller size, low weight and improved efficiency.

The 22362 uses sophisticated electronic circuitry with microchip. All present day computers use switch-mode technology.

2. International Safety Approvals & Listing:
UL (to UL1012 as required for mobility vehicle), CSA (ULc), CE, European Standard EN60335 Part 2.29 and CE (European EMC Directive) approvals in a single charger.

3. Input Requirements:
Dual Voltage - Switch selectable
a) 115 VAC (range 90 - 130 VAC) or 230 VAC (range 180 - 260 VAC)
b) 47 - 63 Hz

Input AC tolerance +/- 20%. This means 22362 will operate satisfactorily in areas where the input voltage is low. This charger is also suitable for every part of the world including Japan where input is 100 VAC.

4. Output:
8 Amps Constant Current @ 24 Volts DC
(Equivalent to 16 Amps tapered in charging time)
a) Line Regulation @ Full Load 2%
b) Load Regulation @ 115/230 VAC 3%
c) Ripple Voltage: Very low

The peak-to-peak ripple voltage into a resistive load is less than 200mV for the output voltage above 24 VDC.

5. Charging Cycle :
The charging curve is attached. The explanation of the charging cycle is as following.

 a) AC connected and battery not connected:
When the charger is connected to the AC power, the red light will be ON, showing that AC power is connected. If the output is not connected to the battery, the green light will flash informing the user that battery side is not connected. Some of the scooter users may be old and if they forget to connect the battery side, the green flashing light reminds them.

b) Charging :
The charging curve is attached. The explanation of the charging cycle is as following.






LED Indication

Stage 1

Constant Current mode

CC mode

Constant 8A

To 28.8V


Stage 2

Constant Voltage mode

CV mode

Cell voltage equalization

Reduces from


Holds at 28.8V


Stage 3

Float Voltage mode

Float CV mode

Reduces to zero

Maintains 27.6V


Stage 4

Recharging mode

CC mode




* CC mode = Constant current charge
* CV mode = Constant voltage charge
*** See stage description below

Stage 1 : Constant Current Mode (CC): LED Yellow
The charging is at constant current (8A). When the battery voltage reaches up to 28.8V, the charger changes from CC (Constant Current) to CV (Constant Voltage) mode.

Stage 2 : Cell voltage equalization; Constant Voltage Mode (CV): LED Green
The charger holds the battery at 28.8V and the current slowly reduces. When the current reaches at 0.1CC (CC = Constant current), this point called the Switching Point. The Switching Point is one of the great feature of this battery charger that it can adjust the current automatically according to battery capacity. Other chargers are not capable to adjust the current automatically.

Stage 3 : Float Voltage Mode: LED Green
The charger maintains the battery voltage at 27.6V and current slowly reduces to zero. Charger can be left connected indefinitely without harming the battery.

Stage 4 : Recharging:LED Yellow
If the battery voltage drops down to 28.8V, the charger changes from any mode to Constant Current mode and restart charging. The charging cycle will go through Stage 1 to Stage 3.

Battery Sentinel can charge gel, sealed or wet lead acid batteries without use of any switch.

6. Two colours in one LED:
LEDs are used to show the charging status. The Red LED shows AC on. The second bicolour LED shows Yellow when charging and changes to Green when the battery is fully charged. The charger will continue to provide very small current to cover internal losses and will maintain the battery at full charge.

7. Very low voltage start: 0.5 Volts
Will charge very deeply discharged batteries . Many 24 volts chargers in the market will not charge batteries discharge below 18 volts.

8. Protection:
User accessible input (AC) and output fuses are provided.

a) Reverse polarity protection - provided
b) Short circuit protection - provided
c) Over-Voltage Protection - provided
d) Over current protection - provided
e) AC Surge Protection - provided
f) Soft start and stop: Starts and stops gradually.

No sudden in-rush of current. This protects both the batteries and any other circuits connected to the charger.

9. De-sulfation of battery:
The charger will remove loose sulfation and increase the battery life. (Hard sulfation cannot be reversed).

10. No current drain:
No (zero) current is taken from the battery when connected to battery but AC not plugged in. (Many other chargers in the market draw 30-40 mAmp, which drains the battery.)

11. Reliability:

a) Mean Time between failures (MTBF):
50,000 power-on-hours (POH) or greater. This translates into 10 years of everyday operation of 8 hours.

b) Burn-in: All chargers are burned in at an average DC load of 8 Amps.

12. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI):

The charger will not generate excessive radiated or conducted emissions. No interference with TV, radio, computer or other equipment.

The charger is in compliance with CE (European EMC Directive). . Meets EN55022 (CISPER 22 Class B), EN50081-1& -2, EN60555 –2 & -3, EN 50082 –1, IEC 801 –2, -3 & -4, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-4-2, -4-3, -4-4, -4-5, -4-6, -4-8, -4-11.

13. Ground leakage current:
The ground leakage current is 87 microAmp, which complies with the requirements.

Inhibit signal : The inhibit signal is an open circuit output, leakage less than 5 microAmp or less, when the charger is not connected to an AC source. This signal will be less than 50 mV DC while sinking 10 mA when the charger is connected to an AC source.

Length - 7.6" (193 mm)
Width - 3.6" ( 92 mm)
Height - 2.59" ( 63 mm)

1.8 lbs. (800 grams)

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