Battery Chargers

We offer a broad selection of battery chargers from 1.5 amp (trickle chargers) all the way up to 80 amp high-output commercial chargers.

These battery chargers are designed to charge deep cycle, standard, gel cell, or maintenance free batteries found in automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, agricultural and marine applications. We also have Battery Load Testers available to test your car battery, and Car Jump Starters to start your vehicle when the battery is dead, without the need for Jumper Cables.

To view available Battery Chargers for your vehicle, first choose the right voltage from the charger categories below. Most cars and trucks built since 1955 use a 12 volt electrical system. Vehicles built prior to 1955 likely have 6 volt electrical system. If you need a battery charger for 6 volt AND 12 volt batteries, we have some models with selectable output voltage as well.