Sandblast Equipment

We offer Sandblasting Cabinets, Portable Blasters and Blast Media at wholesale prices.

Blasting is the use of air pressure and a variety of materials (called blast media) to clean and prepare metal surfaces for repairing, painting or welding. Remove paint, rust and oxidation in nothing flat! Blasting can also be used to change the condition of the metal's surface. You can also remove casting marks and even etch glass. If you're a professional technician or if you have a car restoration project in your future, buying a sandblasting cabinet may well be the best investment you'll ever make!

If you want to do those repair and restoration jobs right the first time … you definitely need a sand blasting cabinet. We have three Blast Cabinet models to choose from. We also offer two Portable Tank Sand Blasters and a budget priced Can Blaster for cleaning those parts too large to fit in a cabinet. All items are in stock and available at genuine wholesale pricing.

Note: All our Blast Cabinets and Blast Tanks require the use of compressed air from a suitable external source, such as your own shop compressor. Our blast cabinets work best with a compressor capable of producing 8-12 CFM and 60-100 PSI. The size of your compressor's tank will determine blasting "duration" time. Using a blast cabinet with a lower rated compressor results in diminished blasting capabilities. Our tank blasters typically perform best at 80-100 PSI. Their pressurized tanks act as a reserve tank in addition to your compressor's tank.

Blast media under high pressure can be very harmful and result in serious injury if used carelessly. When using Tank Blasters, always wear protective eyewear, appropriate facemask, and gloves to avoid injury. Only use approved blast media in your new sand blaster or sandblast cabinet.